Item #: SCP-5824
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A livestock fence appropriate for hog farming is to be maintained around the back yard of SCP-5824 and the adjacent twenty (20) hectares of forest. This area is to be patrolled daily, and any hogs found within are to be tranquilized and shipped to Site-███ for humane slaughter.

Children aged thirteen (13) years or younger must not enter SCP-5824’s back yard, except for testing purposes. Testing requires approval from Site-███ Command. To avoid accidental entrances, SCP-5824 is to be occupied at all times by at least two (2) Foundation personnel who neither have nor desire to have children, and a child-resistant fence or hedge is to be maintained around the portion of the property not enclosed by the livestock fence. PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING NO HUNTING signs are to be posted at the boundary of a 500-meter buffer zone surrounding the 20-hectare fenced area of forest.

Description: SCP-5824 is a house in rural North Carolina, adjoining the █████████ State Forest Reserve. Within five (5) minutes of any child aged ten (10) years or younger entering its back yard, approximately thirty to fifty wild hogs (Sus scrofa) will be spontaneously generated nearby, within the forest. These hogs will immediately run into SCP-5824’s back yard and will charge at any children still present in the yard.

Sus scrofa is an introduced species in this area. Others of the species are known to live within the forest reserve but have not demonstrated anomalous properties or abnormal behavior. The hogs generated by SCP-5824 are atypically aggressive toward humans in general and children in particular, but have not demonstrated any other anomalous properties.

Addendum: SCP-5824 was brought to the attention of the Foundation by informants within the county police department, after residents of neighboring houses registered several complaints of excessive gunfire on the property. The previous owner, Mr. ██████, had been supplementing his income by having his 7-year-old son run into the backyard briefly, after which he would wait for the hogs to arrive, shoot them with a semiautomatic hunting rifle, and sell them to a local wild game butcher.

Mr. ██████ was persuaded to sell SCP-5824 to a Foundation front corporation. After testing to determine the exact area within which the hogs are spontaneously generated, the same corporation purchased that area and the 500-meter buffer zone from the state.